Thursday, November 28, 2002

Sometimes, opportunity knocks. Other times, it walks right in, grabs a seat on your couch and helps itself to a cup of tea. This is what happened to me last Friday, and I couldn't be happier. I was calling up the RCMP to find out what practical experience and schooling I would need in order to apply sometime in the future. Before I knew it, I was dropping off my resume. By the time I left, I had an interview set up for the following Monday. Off to the library I went, since I didn't know a thing about typing human DNA (the plan was to learn it before my interview in - oh, 5years). I think it went well, but haven't heard back yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I didn't spend my entire weekend cramming for the interview, however. I did manage a short break on Sunday for Mom's birthday lunch (Happy Birthday Mom!), followed by a SnowBall meeting of 3 1/2 hours. I guess I didn't really do any studying at all on Sunday, seeing as I pretty much went straight from the meeting to Mikey's where he made me dinner (and Mmmm! was it good!) then got creamed at Risk. I got a little more cramming time in as Brook blasted me with interview type questions while Mikey finished wiping Chris and Jag off the planet at the Risk game.

The rest of the week has been rather busy, but dull. Mostly getting SnowBall stuff done, and getting ready for another interview with CMMT today (didn't go too bad, but I'm not expecting an offer). Didn't even manage to watch Buffy with anyone, just watched it along, then played the email game with Bree.

Now I'm off to a SotW concert (thanks Dan!).

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Wow! Today's a popular one for birthin', or at least it was some 20-odd years ago. Alas, Paola's in the UK, so I don't get to see her until she's back. Dave's in New York...incidentally having yet to hold to his promise of calling me at 7:59PST every Tuesday. J I get to see tonight, and gets my undivided attention, being the only birthday in town.

Happy Birthday to Paola, J and Dave.

Monday, November 18, 2002

Buffy fans, there's a good article here. Nothing spoilery or plot-related, but if you're completely spoiler-phobic, don't read it.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Here I am, up at some freakishly early hour for a Saturday (up at 5:30!! I'm *never* up at 5:30!) to go work the poll booths. After giving the government 17h of my life (for money, of course, but not nearly enough) I must implore you all to come out and vote. Don't let my weekend be wasted in vain!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002


Really. Don't read this is you don't want to be Spoiled for Buffy from this past week (12 Nov 8:01pm). Or the episode name of future eps (although I don't think that gives away much).

Wow. I'm finally creeped by the Big Bad again. Not since the Mayor has the Evil actually deserved the capital letter. Drew Goddard is my new pop-culture-boyfriend. By the way, he's also set to write (or, more acurately I suppose, has written) the last episode of the November sweeps "Never Leave Me" airing I think November 26th. Whee! Okay..thoughts on the episode itself. First off, Spike is evil. Unless we were watching the Evil's embodiment as Spike, which I don't think we were, then Spike is capable of harming humans. And since we just heard that Spike sired Holden, then either Spike is evil, or Holden is also in with the Evil and is making us believe that Spike is involved when he actually wasn't (ie Whedon-mind-fuck). In which case, I worry that his very human roomate Xander did not appear in this episode. Is Xander dead? Has he been sired by Spike? Were he and Anya in Vegas? Or were him and Spike together all evening (ew..not like *that*), and so affording the real Spike an alibi for the events that pseudo-Spike committed? Ow. My head hurts. Loved seeing Joyce again, although I could have done without the death cataracts. Nice direction, though. Shocking imagary. Was it really Joyce, or was it the Evil taking on Joyce's image? The delivery was a little callous for Joyce. Will Dawn believe her? If it really was Joyce, is she right about Buffy? If not, will Willow be able to convince Dawn that it wasn't? Will the Scoobs even discuss all this with each other? Willow really has no reason not to tell the others, and the whole secret-keeping leads to disaster has been done before, so let's hope they don't go down that road. Woe for Jonathan. I was hoping he'd get a chance to come 'round this season, but alas, it was not to be. Hey...that's the second recurring character Goddard has killed off this season already. Eep...principal Wood better watch his back! All in all an awesome episode, with more questions than answers, and leaving you with a creepy feeling when it's over. And more than a little worried for Xander.


Here's where I write all about my real life, but there's not much to it. Saw the Ring more than 7 days ago. Still alive. Mikey's housewarmingishthing on Saturday was fun. Spent pretty much the entire day with him and his roommate Brook as he tried (unsuccessfully) to fix my car radio. Guess I'm stuck with CISL650 for good. Sunday went for dinner with some of the old Lab guys..was good seeing them again. That's pretty much where the excitement, such as it is, of my life ends.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

I must learn to be wary of reading other blogs when I've recorded a show for later viewing. And yet, the slash lives on, Bree. Speaking of being spoiled, I read the synopsis for next week's Buffy, and I'm very mad at TVWeek for telling too much. I'm giddy at the prospect of the show, but still mad. So avoid TVWeek, ye Buffy fans. Although, it's getting harder to avoid the spolers. Last week, I managed to avoid all spoiler-iffic sites and references to Buffy. I turn on my TV minutes before the show starts, and UPN plays a teaser that includes plot-relevant images from 45 minutes into the episode. It's a huge evil conspiracy, I tell you. Personally, I love Joss Whedon's take on it. He leaks false spoilers to the masses, so when you get a potential future plot point, you can never be sure if it's true, or just a Whedon-mind-fuck.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Cree-pee! Went to see the Ring last night with a small group of fright enthusiasts. As the 5 finger shaped bruises on Mikey's leg will attest, it was pretty scary. Had it's humours moments, too, mind you. Like when the big tough macho guy next to you - who has been making fun of you for jumping at every sudden motion and loud noise - squeals like a girl and huddles into the fetal position. And although I looked over at one point to catch Scott and Taryn playing rock-paper-scissors, they couldn't have been all that bored. After all, Taryn insists she'll hate me for a week! I was personally creeped out enough to glance only sideways at my television as I warily passed it by when I got home...and to actually pause a few moments before checking my new phone messages. I'm definitely glad to see the art of the horror flick is back. It's been a while since I've been able to watch honest-to-goodness frightening movies in the theaters. The Others and Signs were also extremely well done, and I can only hope they keep coming. Plot-wise, The Others was actually better, in my opinion, than the Ring. But the startle-tactic certainly has it's place, my seat-neighbours will udoubtedly's very effective. So keep the thrillers coming, Hollywood!

Apparently, Denny's no longer offers you free food on your birthday. Haven't since 1996. Huh...who knew?