Monday, May 24, 2004

Summertime is here.

Went "camping" this weekend up to Doug & Dave's cabin on the lake. Very nice. It was nice to go away for a couple of days and just lie around and do nothing. Or, well, nothing important. There was much game-playing, walking and knitting (with a small yarn-going-for-a-swim incident). Had to come back early, unfortunately. Happily, Jay also had to come back early, and so I had a ride both there and back (thanks muchly, J). Also many new faces this year. This was Boy's first time up, as well as Ian, Enakshi, and J.

Have come to realize that after 8 years, the cabin trips really define the beginning and end of summer. Most years, the boys will graciously host a cabin trip in May and another in August. Some years they only have the time for one, and those years my summer schedule just doens't seem to fall into place. Has suumer started? I haven't been to the Beleznay cabin can't be summer! And summer is not over until I've been up to the cabin when the weather is warm enough for a swim!

So, now it is officially summer. Cabin trip has happened. Volleyball starts this week. And the weather gets slowly warmer. Not planning any big goings-away this year, but hopefully I'll be able to get some good weekend trips in. And lots of stuff around the city. Got a little "tourism Vancouver" book in the mail the other day. Been meaning to do the "tourist in your own city" thing for a couple of years now, maybe this year I'll do some more of that.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The weekend's over already?

Playland was fun on Saturday. Much merriment and candy was had. Ian's BBQ was also good...saw people I haven't seen in a long, long time. That was pretty much the extent of my weekend frolicking, other than forcing the Boy to watch some Season 2 Buffy.

Blogger finally allows comments to be hosted locally. Yay! Sadly, I had to remove my old comments to do it. Along with the comments function, I've decided to re-vamp the whole look of my blog. Gone is the personally-edited code with much tinkering (and one or two broken bits). In is the randomly selected pre-fabricated template in a nifty colour scheme. And look! A picture of me!