Sunday, May 22, 2005

So the summer has started. Ultimate 2ce a week (it's going to kill me, I swear. They expect me to run!). Tickets booked for a 3 week trip to Portugal. And if the sun would come out, I could start doing other summer-y stuff. Instead, there have been two torrential downpours in the past week. And I'm not exaggerating...I got soaked just crossing the street Thursday night, and yesterday the splash from a passing car white-washed my windshield so that I couldn't see a thing! Hopefully the sun will come out to play next weekend.

Got to see RotS last Friday. Pretty damn good. It actually may have redeemed the first two movies. Who am I kidding, it didn't. But I did like it...I thought they did a really good job with this one. It was almost as if Lucas put some effort into the plot, or something. In fact, if you ignore the romance scenes, it was a well-written, well-acted movie. The scenes between Portman and Christensen, however, were more than painful. I turned away at one point (the patio scene) in a mixture of horror and disgust.

Confidential to wheatboy townie: if you want dirt, IM me :)