Sunday, January 27, 2008

It snowed again

And again we made a snowman.

Snowmen, actually. Unfortunately, the snowpeople got into a bit of a bar fight when we turned our backs. Fiery tempers have led to cold-blooded murder! It looks like Bob got iced!

Witnesses to this heinous act are frozen in terror.

The police are processing the scene, but I don't expect them to have difficulties finding the perpetrator. He has no legs, and has been unable to make any progress in his getaway. You might say he is as stuck in place a tongue to a cold metal pole. Brrr.

Possible motives for this chilling deed include a missing shipment of ice and snow.*

Update! This just in: the prime suspect in this snowicide has taken his own life. Moments ago, he jumped off a ledge, leaving his lower body behind.

This is one cold case solved in record time!

* in the "diamond" and "coke" sense...geddit?


At 11:41 a.m., Blogger Unknown said...

I always loved Calvin's snow-people.

Yours are great. Any reaction from the neighbours?


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