Thursday, April 24, 2003

David, I raced home to try and beat you to checking my site and realized that I'm not going to have time to delete any of the embarassing stuff before you read it. So here you go...the full, uncensored me (pretty boring, eh? nothing even truly scandelous)

Hey look Jay...I updated my blog! Can't say I haven't posted in month any more :)

I've been trying to add in a comment function, but I'm having a bit of trouble with it, as my host site doesn't actually support it. So bear with me as I try to trouble-shoot this on the fly. I think I have it working with Opera, but for some reason Explorer is having some trouble. And I'm too lazy to work on it now, so I'm just going to pull a net faux-pas and leave up the broken linkage. Gak!

If you are running Opera, or if Explorer has magically started to make this work all by itself, feel free to click on the "comment" link below and post your comments.