Friday, May 26, 2006

It's growing

The blanket is now 1/3 finished. I think Yoda is still outpacing me, but I hold out hope of getting it done in time!

Some good news from the headlines today!

Being a Friday, I had some time this morning to sit down with my coffee and read more of the paper than just the comics (which are by far the most important bit). Read some intersting things, and thought I'd share.

Coffee is actually good for you:

Sun is good for you, too (but you're still not allowed to get a tan!),3208,3172_615815452_1056572174_langId-en,00.html

Very useful for getting out of sticky situations:

And lastly, a cool preview of the earth in 1K years, including the projected endurance of man-made structures. (Mount Rushmore might stick around, but Lady Liberty is unlikely to age as well.)

Yes, it's a little science-centric, but what did you really expect from me?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Blanket

I've finally started working on the baby blanket for Boy's Sister's Baby (since "BSB" provokes images of late-teen boys wearing all white and dancing to badly-choreographed 90's pop, I shall instead refer to the little one from here on out simply as "Yoda").

the blanket

So far, I've gotten 3.5" done out of the 32" blanket. In the 16 rows of pattern I've accomplished thus far, I've had to rip back 4 of them due to boo-boos. I'm hoping that eventually I'll be able to get through whole repeats without having to backtrack. Otherwise this might not be finished until Yoda is ready to move out for college!

the closeup