Sunday, September 05, 2004

An Update - August version.

I did stuff in August. Fun stuff, even. But I didn't get around to blogging it until now. In brief summary:

13th - Splashdown! Loads of fun...there's new 2 slides called "black hole"...basically a long, dark tunnel you get to go down in an innertube. And they even have two-person inner-tubes, which is great.

14th - Kristen and Bruno's wedding. Awesome party. Here for the official pictures, or here for the ones I took. All the photos look pretty good...considering both the bride and groom are gorgeous, this is no surprise.

15th - Anna's back in town and has a BBQ at our place. Lots of food, drink and good company.

19th - Girls' night at Monk's. Food not nearly as good as I was led to believe, but what'cha gonna do? At least I wasn't forced to go "couging". And the company well made up for what the food lacked.

20th - Macbeth at BotB. The party boat cruising by with the loud salsa music did distract from the dark atmosphere a bit, but otherwise a pretty good Macbeth. A little too much on the background music, maybe.

21st-22nd - Beleznay cabin. Small group this time, quite nice. Pretty uneventful until the moving of the 1/2ton ancient truck parked at the top of the driveway. Good times.

22nd - Rebecca Michelle Varju born in the wee hours of the morning. The youngest member of the TNMC (does she get voting privilleges yet?). Proud parents Maria and Alex have pictures up here .

29th - PNE. Superdogs, pig races, showcase pavillion, root beer, fudge, cotton candy, lemonade, wiggle chips, lip sync/acrobat show, mini doughnuts...and the best part of the day: Bingo!!

This weekend has been a pretty lazy one. Video watching and some pool. Lots of staying in and not doing much. One more day of that, then it's back to work for a grueling 3 days. {ammendment - actually, 2.25 days. Forgot that the golf tournament is this Thursday}.

Fun stuff planned for the coming month: paintball, golf tournament and Jeff's wedding (technically October).