Monday, March 19, 2007


Please excuse the huge delay in this posting as I have been having some technical difficulties with my blog. In fact, this post was only made possible by installing a third browser program on my computer, as apparently both Opera and IE are suddenly both incompatible with BlogSpot. -B.

For those of you who watch horror movies, this might sound like a familiar story line:

A young couple buys an old house. While home alone one day, the woman is cleaning out the house, getting it all ready for them to settle in. This involves donning rubber gloves and scrubbing the ceramic, climbing up on chairs to reach top cupboard shelves, and opening all drawers and closets.

Every once in a while, she comes across something left by the previous owner. A little bottle of rum. A penny. Half-empty cans of paint. Light bulbs.

Then, in the dimly lit, half-finished basement, she opens a drawer in an old desk By the look of it, it is as old as the house itself. In this drawer, she discovers a dusty old board game with a skull logo and a violent-sounding name. This is a game she's never heard of, and by the art and font, appears to be decades old.

Now, for those of you who watch these kinds of movies, I'm sure you're all saying: Eek! don't touch that game! It's not a real game! It's an evil portal, the playing of which will lead to possession, haunting and horrible, horrible bloodshed. Some, even, say that such an item must be buried, deep in the ground, else you risk it's inevitable return to it's original dwelling place.

And I agree with you.

I am the above mentioned woman. I came across such a game at our new house. I stated flatly that it shall not be played in my new home. Boy, however, is cast in the part of the silly fiance. And, as in all such movies, curiosity and a disdain for the supernatural propel his desire to play the game. I warn that this is always the part of the movie audiences yell: "You idiot! Why would you play that obvious incarnation of evil?!"

People just don't watch enough horror movies. They really aren't as well prepared for these circumstances as those of us who do.

So, when Boy and I go mysteriously missing, and all of our friends start to disappear over time as well, now you'll know why. And what you'll need to do.