Sunday, January 29, 2006


He's gotten a lot smaller. His head's still fairly round, but his body's all wrinkley and emaciated. His head has gotten a lot smaller, too, it's just it was SO BIG to start with.







Friday, January 27, 2006


He's getting smaller. He also feels less pouffy, and I think his head is a lot smaller.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Looks like he's making some shrinking progress. Closer inspection reveals that the ruler is a little off at the bottom, though, so he's actually only shrunk about 3mm in the past day.


Before you mock the picture, realize that it was taken at 630 in the morning, by which time I was already running late for work. No idea what size he is, as you can't actually see the ruler.

Interesting aside...that little black and white blob on the side is my puppy, pretzel.
Interesting aside 2...that book is about Firefly the TV show. Not hookers in Joss Whedon. But now the word 'hookers' appears in my blog...nifty.


Just a few more mm.


A wee bit smaller. He seems to shrink slower than he grew.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Well, either he grew back 0.5cm over the course of the day...or my last photo was in fact angled. I'm thinking the latter. So...looks like my t=12h photo is not valid (there's always the one data point that doesn't fit). If I ignore that one, then he lost about 0.5cm over 24hours. I will endeavour to keep my phtotos as dead-on as possible. He's got such a big head, that the slightest angle skews the measurement immensely!

T=12h looks rather like he shrank a lot, doesn't it? I think that's mostly due to it being way too early to be doing photos (think 630 am), and perhaps a slightly off angle camera (to avoid catching a reflection of yours truly in the shiny backgroung...a reflection at 630 am?...not a happy thing).

Monday, January 23, 2006

Shrink-a-dork T=0

It's grow-a-dork part two! Time to shrink that dork!

So technically, this photo is T=0 shrink time, and T=405h grow time. He really didn't grow much past 100 hours, though. The difference between the last photo and this one is about 2cm, but some of that might be due to the distortion by the water and the curved surface of the jar (so the angle to him and to the ruler were a little different).

His neck didn't grow nearly as much as the rest of him! When I took him out of the water, he nearly got decapitated! There's little stretch marks at the front of his neck now....almost like little vampire bites =)

Stay tuned for more of the amazing shrinking dork.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

T=118 hours

Another few mm. I leave him in water a few more days, or start the shrinking process?

T=96 hours

Just over 11cm...he grew another 5mm. So...72 hours isn't the upper limit then. Wonder how big he'll get?

T=72 hours

 this really 600% of his original size? His eyes have gotten much bigger though. Well, his whole head, really

T=57 hours

6:40 in the morning is *way* too early to be taking photos.

T=48 hours

Not growing overly fast anymore, but still going.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

T=36 hours

Wow! 9cm! He started out around 5cm, so he's about double his size in half his expected lifespan. He also looks like he's getting a little big for his current home. Looks like my little is needing to move out...I'll have to go in search of something a little more accomodating to his expected eventual size.

T=26.5 hours

Now that was a growth spurt. It looks like only just over 1cm overnight, but I think that it was more. The ruler isn't quite flush with him, and I think the angle of the camera is making a big diff is how big he looks. I probably should've been taking him out to measure each time!

T=16.5 hours

So now he *is* a teen. He's 16! Hasn't grown much, maybe about half a cm or so.


Ooh...almost 6.5cm...he's growing up so fast! Also, it looks like his arms are beefing up. Maybe my little dork will be a muscular little dork? Looks like his face poofed up, too...his bright black eyes are all beady now, kinda like he maybe is having an anaphylactic reaction. And his smile is getting smarmier. Somehow he looks like a greasy, smarmy teen!


Taken at two hours. It's a bit hard to tell from this photo, but he's pretty much the same hight he was an hour ago. Well, the package said he would *start* to grow at 2hours, so this is effectively the start of his spurt. Go, little guy, go!


This photo was taken at 1hour. The astute among you will notice this is a new vessel altogether. I decided neither of the mugs was acceptable, and found this nice clear glass vase to replace them. I was also able to make him stand up by leaning him against the side of the vase, which also conveniently lets me put a ruler up behind him. It's not quite flush with him, so there's a bit of an angle effect to the measurement, but it should be good enough to measure relative growth of the little guy.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Grow-a-Dork T:0h

I have decided to chronicle the growth pattern of my Grow-a-Dork. Supposedly he will grow to 600% of size in 72hours. The following is his tale.

Am a little worried. I decided to take the little dork out of the first mug I put him in and move him to a clear mug.

Dork - T=0, mug #1

But when I tossed out the water, a whole bunch of the jelly stuff coating him washed down the sink. When I put him in his new home, I decided it wasn't wide enough and didn't want him to moosh his head when he starts to grow - he refuses to stand upright - so I put him back in the original mug (this time with the water).

Dork t=0 mug#2
The shiny silver thing he's sitting on is a quarter, for scale (habit of the job)

I wonder if he'll still grow properly despite all the moving and poking and proding and resin-washing-offing? I suppose it's intended for kids with as little patience as I have (ie 4 years old), so he should be ok.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!