Monday, September 11, 2006


Between whirlwind trips North (Whitehorse) and East (Windsor) and wedding stuff, I have been once again delinquent in updating my blog. So, first things first, a picture of baby Ella in her new blankie:

There was a picture of Boy and baby Ella, but unfortunately he made the mistake of booting Sophie off the couch. And by now he should know, Puppies always trump.

After the Whitehorse trip I was home for a few days, then off to a conference in Windsor. Peggy and I decided to stay a couple of extra days and visit Detroit and Niagra Falls. Btw, Detroit?...don't bother.

Wedding planning is moving along great. We booked our photographer yesterday, which was very exciting. Being the camera-ham I am, that was one of our top priorities. We were very happy find Tanya and Jeff, who are probably the cutest photography couple you'll meet (she's the creative genius, he's the techno geek). Next hurdle: decorations.