Friday, May 25, 2007

50 days ...

...and I just chopped off my hair.

I didn't actually intend to, I was just getting it trimmed. I showed the stylist a photo of how I wanted my hair for the wedding, and told her to cut off whatever she needed to in order to make that style work. She showed me about 8 inches, and I said "sure" (hair was down to my waist).

In the end, after all the evening-up, layering and adjusting, my hair now just barely brushes my shoulders. There was a small panic attack, but considering I was going to cut it all off after the wedding anyway, it was a small panic.

The only regret is that since it came off in adjustments, I didn't have enough length to donate to the Cancer Society. Well, the ends were pretty split anyway, I guess.

some of the hair I lost

Friday, May 18, 2007

57 days left! wedding is now only 8 weeks away. Eep!

Have managed to avoid most bridezilla moments, except for one brief encounter with a postal employee.

Even when our cake baker failed to show up for a meeting, after we had spent weeks meeting, tasting and looking. Weeks of cakes...and finally we had decided. We arrived, checkbook in hand, photos of ideas in hand. We let him pick the meeting time, David gave up his lunch hour and took a little extra time off work. I managed to hit a lamppost parking and smoosh my pretty little car. But we made it.

And he never showed up.

We left our names at the front counter, who was quite apologetic. We decided that we would still consider him, if his apology and explanation were adequate.

We got neither. Nor did we get a call for a rescheduling.

Instead, we were off again for another few weeks of searching. We have since found a baker who seems both capable and caring. And we are happy.

But I did not lose it on the absentee baker, no I did not. I am very proud of myself, I must say. When anna is in town, however, I will get her to write me one of her patented 'I'm pissed off' letters to the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. I have been holding off until I found a baker, just in case. But now I have one, and they will feel the wrath of MoH-zilla :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

mistaken indentity

Our travel agent, when telling us of different resorts in Jamaica, mentioned one she suggested we might not like. She noted that Sarah Ferguson and other celebs liked to stay there, but wouldn't elaborate on why we wouldn't like it, just said it was "eccentric".... that she herself loved it, but wouldn't send her clients there unless she knew them really well. Later that afternoon:

David: I wonder why she stays there? It sounds really remote. Maybe she's actually a loner.
Me: Our travel agent? She seems pretty bubbly...
David: No...Sarah Ferguson. She doesn't seem the 'small, remote, eccentric' resort kinda person.
Me: Maybe she likes to get away from the crowds and photographers.
David: Yeah. I wonder what the other guests think of her. I bet they hate the 2am renditions of "my humps".
Me: That's Fergie Ferguson.

Playing my CD, and "Mandy" comes on.
David: Who is this?
Me: Barry Mannilow.
David: Really? I always pictured him to have a much lower voice.
Me: That's Barry White.