Saturday, August 28, 2004

Little voices...

A guy goes into a bar and orders a beer. As he takes a sip of his beer, he hears a tiny little voice say: "Nice tie." He looks around but sees no one. He take another sip of his beer and hears: "A nice shirt, too." Again he looks around and sees no one.
He signals the bartender over, and hesitantly explains that he's hearing voices talking to him... "Of course," smiles the bartender. "It's the peanuts -- they're complimentary."

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Going Camping.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

There's a muscle there?'s been so long since I was last at the gym. Like long. Let's just say that in the past two years, the times I've actually been numbers in the single digits. Er, the single digit. Like, the number "1".

Anyhoo, went back today ('s still there!). I had forgotten that I actually like working out, despite have come to hate going to the gym. I think the trick is to go in the evening...there's almost noone there! Even fewer than there used to be at 10am or 2pm, the other times I would frequent, back in the day.

I think it's mostly the effort of getting to the gym that I hate. The workout, not so bad. Well, mind you, I studiously ignored the stairmasters today, opting to lift weights instead. The idea of running in place, climbing to nowhere, or cycling perpetually in just seems so demoralizing. Maybe that's what I dislike so much about gyms. Hm.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

An Update

So, apparently, if my excuse for not updating my blog in the past was always that I was boring and did nothing, then it seems I'm expected to post when I'm actually active and doing stuff. Or so I'm told.

So, here I am to update you all on the goings-on of my life over the past month or so. Pictures of most of these events are available on my new gallery (see previous post).

July 1 - Annual Canada Day picnic at Spanish Banks. A pretty good turnout again this year, and really nice whether. And, as usual, good food.

July 17 - Grant and Janna's wedding reception. A nice affair in Janna's parents' to see some folks I only see on rare occasions (like Grant and Janna...but also Chris and Mikey, Shawn and Ward). Followed by Salsa dancing at the Hot Jazz Club. Boy and I were joined by Mandy & Kelly and Dave & Nic.

July 24th - Charlene's wedding at Ruby Lake on the Sunshine Coast. Went up for the weekend, and it was really nice, if a touch on the hot side! Got to do some golfing with the Boy's aunt and uncle, and despite my horrible abilities, they were very tolerant. The cermemony was beautiful, and the reception was much fun (up until Boy spilled red wine on the groom's linen suit. Oy vey!)

July 28th - Fireworks. We headed down to watch China's fireworks show from Vanier Park. Pretty good.

July 29 - Aug 3rd - Visit Mellie in San Fran. Loads of fun, even if I was only there for a weekend. Many trips to the bars (the Gender Illusionist Cabaret Lip-Sync was by far my favourite), sightseeing, and shopping. Good times!

Aug 4 & 7 - More Fireworks. Boom Boom, pretty lights. Nice and relaxing night.

Coming up this month: Splashdown, Kristen's wedding, Bard on the Beach and Cabin Trip.

Friday, August 06, 2004

New Photo Gallery

I've decided to stop trying to fight Apache and give up on hosting my own photo gallery. That's right, I'm shedding my geek-facade and welcoming the world of pre-fab, user-friendly web-based photo hosting. Ah, the freedom.

Peruse my life in photo-form at

I've uploaded most of my photos from 2004 and will hopefully be backfilling as I have time.