Sunday, June 29, 2003

From the WTF? files, today we have:

1. I can't believe they made a music video for this.

2. The Japanese are a strange culture indeed
(translation of lyrics)

Sunday, June 15, 2003

24 hour relay now over. First 4K: booked it to see how fast we could go without running (ie...a very fast walk). 35min. Second 4K: steady, chattable pace, low effort. 40min. Speed really doesn't pay.

But all in all a good time. Finished my last jaunt at 4am and got a few hours in the tent before the morning full group (well, what was left of it) final go round. Note I say a few hours in the tent and not a few hours of sleep. That's because our neighbour decided that he and his booming voice wanted to chat with anyone who walked by. All night. And the music was good so I kept bogying even after retiring to my sleeping bag, and it's really hard to sleep when your shimmying.

Tired now, and feet hurt. Next time will wear proper runners and not cute fashionable sneakers. Things you learn.