Sunday, December 22, 2002 I'm checking out the ingredients on those Icy Squares chocolates (you know the ones...about 1" square, two-colour foil wrapper, melt like chocolate butter in your mouth). The very first ingredient? Cocunut oil. Makes sense...these things are *very* rich. What confuses me is the second ingredient. When your main ingredient....the majority of your product....the largest part of what you're oil, why bother with low-fat cocoa?

Anna's back in town. As per usual, I'm now waiting for her to fix her hair before we can leave. Some things never change, no matter how long.

Alex and Maria's first ever Christmas party was last night. Good turn out...great to see everyone before Christmas.

You know something's not right when you're sitting in Mass, and your priest mentions Soloman, but due to a slight mumble, you hear Saruman. What's worse, it takes a few seconds before you even realize that Saruman wasn't part of the Biblical story. This has happened before...Centurion/Centurian...yep, that's right...I confused engineering drinking games with figures from the Gospels.

Friday, December 13, 2002

Well, they've done it. Fox has decided that Fastlane would do better in the Friday night timeslot than Firefly. 'Cause's the college-aged male demographic you're going to have an easy time convincing to stay home on a Friday night to watch TV. That's a much tougher sell for Sci-Fi geeks with their generally high disposable income and cultish obsessiveness. I can see why you'd make that decision. Morons.

I'll admit I didn't think Firefly was that great when it started. I have an inkling this is because Fox re-tooled the pilot, and changed the episode airdate order. But it has gotten really good, and an original idea is nowadays a scarcity indeed. To think that shows about wanting to marry millionaires, eating bugs and watching a dozen talentless hacks try to break into the music business is what passes for entertainment. I admit to being a slave to pop culture, even more so now that joblessness has kept me around the house a fair bit more, as going out and doing stuff costs money. But if this trend continues, I may very well follow in the footsteps of Grant and swear off television for good. Except for CSI -- I'm still a geek for science as entertainment.

Here's what Joss has to say on the matter. (Firefly, that is. Not CSI)

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Okay, I know how to accept a job offer. And I can deal with rejection too, and not even take it too personally. But how to deal with "we're removing the position and reposting under a different title. You'll have to apply again".


Monday, December 09, 2002

Perhaps today was not the best for Christmas baking. Within minutes of walking in the kitchen I had broken a spatula, dropped an egg and narrowly avoided a zesting incident. Now to use the very hot oven. Wish me luck!!

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Spent another Friday night at home, watching "Star Trek III the Search for Spock". Yep...I've finally crossed that line into true geekdom. But the good news is - Spock's alive!

In other news, Firefly is finally getting some amazing writing. Where Drew Goddard is my Pop-Culture boyfriend, Cheryl Cain is my new Pop-Culture girlfriend. War Stories was a great epsode! Back in the beginning, I didn't like the pilot of this show...the only reason I stuck with it is the fact that I gave up on Andromeda after a few eps, and apparantly it turned into an awesome show later on. So, I gave Firefly the benefit of the doubt, and it's paid off. Pure Whedon gold. Too bad it sounds like Fox is going to kill it. Do they really think they'll find a more popular show for Friday nights? Dudes...considering the timeslot, Firefly's ratings are off the chart. Continuously putting new shows through the Friday night revolving door is not going to pull in advertisers. But then, I'm not the genius Network Executive that keeps expecting an X-Files 3rd season clone to walk through the door (um, hello? Fox people? X-Files ratings sucked the first year.)