Friday, May 23, 2003

Didn't trip!!

Graduating today. Check me out here 0830.

I'll probably trip.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

ftp server back up and running. Might take a couple of hours to register my IP change, but after that you should be able to access it with your existing account info.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Spoilers if you haven't watched Buffy yet. Stop here.

'Kay, this will be a short post, as Bree was note-taking all episode long, and I'll just link to that when she gets it posted. But I do want to say that Joss Whedon is my hero, my new tv-boyfriend and my goddess all in one. If only for the Principal Wood thing, which I adored. The man is a Master of the subtle, and he knows his characters like no other writer this or any other season has, even the incredible Drew (next best for sure).

It was a well-written ep, and the ending actually surprised me. I was expecting the Scoobs to die, but he chose a more original path, and I like that. And flirting out those false rumours earlier was a nice touch, too.

I would put up a list of my favourite scenes, but there's so many I don't think I can. The aforementioned Principle Wood/Faith scene (actually, both of them), the Buffy/Dawn scene, the old-Scoobies-in-the-high-school many.

Monday, May 19, 2003

(Bree...this started off as a comment to your post, but it got long and unruly so I figured I'd just post it on my own site)

I'd have to agree on the Angel front. I quite liked how they handled the Conner sitch, even if it was a bit trite. What I love is that W&H have been the 'bad guys' since episode one, and are still kicking. Too bad they got rid of all the best from there, though. First Lindsdey, then Gavin, now Lilah. Sad.

As for Buffy, I'm just not impressed with the final Big Bad. Not nearly as scary as the Mayor, or the Master. Even the Initiative was creepier. The First I find kind of dull, not really impressive enough for a series finale. Creepy Preacher? Too thrown in at the last minute for me to care much. Maybe I'd like this villain more if they had linked it better with the First that appeared in Amends, or if they had periodically referred back to that in previous seasons. As it stands, it feels somewhat thrown together.

The last fight scene was badly directed, which disappointed me, although I think I might forgive that in light of the excellent acting by Tom and Emma in the hospital scene. The scene between Xander and Dawn in the car was also very well done, although two excellent scenes is not really enough for an entire episode. Kennedy is still alive, unfortunately, and still acting like an idiot.

Oh...and Angel? Cordy's still alive, ya mook!

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Here's a lesson for the fellas: "nice bum" is not an adequate pick-up line. If you say this to a girl, she is unlikely to swoon and hand over her phone number. In fact, she will probably ignore you and pretend you do not exist. If this happens, do not walk over to her again 5 minutes later and repeat "nice bum". While the statement itself may be true, the sentiment is somewhat lacking. Next time, try "hello".